Introduction and installation

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The cxnet package extends igraph module with some functionality. It in intended to use in higher education. Some functionality is available with NetworkX module as well. Function plotting needs matplotlib (pylab).

It provides two modules: cxnet and mfng.


  • Creating network from the deb software package hierarchy.
  • Investigating and plotting degree distribution.
  • Graph methods:
  • to list the vertices with most degrees,
  • to plot the neighbours of a vertex.

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The dependencies of the cxnet package

To most of the functionality of cxnet you need to have igraph or NetworkX installed. We prefer igraph. The installation of igraph is detailed on Wikidot.

Some functionality needs:

cxnet and mfng needs Python version 2.6 or newer but these packages do not run with Python 3 yet. Most functionalities work perhaps with Python 2.5 as well.

Latest igraph installation on Ubuntu 12.04

You just need to write into the shell (you need to log in as a user with administrator privilege):

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:igraph
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install python-igraph

Latest igraph installation on Debian

Search the latest nightly builds for the C core and the python binding at , and download them for example like:


And follow the instructions at (the Debian Lenny section, build from source):


To use cxnet you do not need mfng, but if you want to analyze the results of the mfng generated probability measures, you need cxnet.

This section describes the installation on the recent versions of Debian and Ubuntu. On other distributions of Linux perhaps the packages have slightly different names. On Windows the installation method is more difficult. If you can not figure out how, ask the author for help.

Step 1. You need to have the git version control system, otherwise you can use only the older version (next section). On Debian and Ubuntu you can get the git and some other useful packages with the commands:

sudo apt-get install git gitk
sudo apt-get install ipython python-matplotlib python-apt

Step 2. You can download the cxnet and mfng separately from the github repository:

git clone
git clone

Step 3. If you have administrator privilege, you can install the cxnet globally (you do not need sudo if you logged in as root):

cd cxnet
sudo python install
cd ~/mfng
sudo python install

Step 4. If you want to update, you must be in one of the subdirectory of the (outer) cxnet or mfng directory (that you want to update) you created now, and type:

git pull
sudo python install

Instead of the Step 3, you have an alternative method, if you install python-setuptools:

sudo apt-get install python-setuptools
cd cxnet
sudo python develop
cd ~/mfng
sudo python develop

In this case the “git pull” is enough, if you want to update (in Step 4). This method is better, if you want to develop cxnet or mfng.